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Welcome to the StreamVia Help homepage, here you will find setup guides and how to fix common problems.

I Am Connecting From XYZ…
Click Here for recommendations on how to connect from censored countries, hotels, etc

Connected, But Still Blocked?
Click Here for additional Location Detection Methods some websites use

SmartStream DNS, Stopped Working?
Click Here if your SmartStream DNS has stopped working

Wrong Google Location Shown?
Click Here for steps/video on how to correct/change

Setup Guides


Using a VPN is the traditional way to bypass blocks and filters or change your location.

  • Additional security from ISP/government
  • Available anywhere
  • Works in censored locations, hotels, etc
  • Encryption
  • Changes your Internet location
  • Enable/disable as required
  • Windows, macOS, Linux
  • iPhone, iPad, Android
  • DD-WRT, Raspberry Pi Routers

SmartStream DNS

Alternative to using a VPN, specifically designed for optimising supported streaming media sites.

  • No additional encryption/security
  • Will not work in censored locations, hotels etc
  • Fastest performance
  • Best for streaming
  • Works even over long distances
  • Supported streaming sites only
  • Always on
  • Computers, tablets, phones, routers
  • Amazon FireTV, SmartTVs, AppleTVs, etc

Residential VPN

You must have a Residential VPN account to use this service.

Residential IP addresses are highly resistant to blocking, as they make the VPN appear just like a regular home UK (BT) broadband connection. Any application that is prone to blocking traditional VPN types will work without a problem.

Residential VPNs are suitable for streaming, gambling/betting, social media account management, etc.

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